1. This is a beautiful image. The rustic feel of the old cabin has a real charm. The mountain backdrop adds real drama.

    I do like the way you have processed these in lightroom. You have added some punch with great colour control (without going over the top, as many LR users tend to do)

    1. Thank you for the nice comment. Most of the time less is more, special in editing photos.
      It is interesting seeing the different photographers personal point of view worldwide. They know their home-country with all their special attributes, people and places. I think the most difficult subject is taking good pictures of your own home country. There you learn finding good themes, because you still know everything so well. In foreign countries it is not difficult finding breathtaking subjects, because everything is new and special for you.
      I like your Street Photos from London because you know the place and the people there.
      Thank you for liking my mountain views I took last year on a nice afternoon walk. 🙂

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