1. Yes, it was a great atmosphere with the morning fog. On that morning I made a lot of nice pics.
      That’s true, I like square crop a lot, but when returning back to 4:3 for me it’s difficult arranging pictures in that aspect ratio. It is a complete different way of seeing.

  1. Hi Mr. S, I love this image, i personnaly own a grd IV and i’d like to know what was your setting for this image if you can remember. I can’t get a nice image with the high contrast BW setting, i’ve tried max contrast + weak vigneting but the effects it makes are not that good..

    Thanks, and you make some great images with the Gr Digital IV



    1. Hi Max, Thank you for your words. My settings were the same like you write: max contrast. I think the light situation that day was important for the picture. It was very foggy, early that morning. So the background was very light, the foreground very dark. The rest did the GRD. No special settings, only good light 😉
      The effect when taking pictures with the high contrast BW will be increased by the right light situation, I think.

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